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Nara Hookah

Nara Hookah is one of the largest manufacturers of hookahs and its accessories. We are the oldest hookah store in Paterson, New Jersey. Come visit us!

Learn more about Natural Coconut Charcoal hookah

Natural Charcoal, is it for you?

If you are a hookah lover, you know that charcoal plays an important role in a providing you with a great hookah smoking experience. Just like you choose your tobacco carefully, it is imperative that you choose your hookah charcoal with care. 

Natural Charcoal

Most common form of natural charcoal is made from coconut husk called coconut charcoal hookah, although there are other natural charcoals that are made from lemonwood and bamboo as well. As the name suggests natural coals are made of natural ingredients that help them burn longer and taste better. Natural charcoal does not leave any after taste.  Most natural charcoals burn approximately 45 to 60 minutes per coal.

At Nara Hookah, we produce Nara Coconut charcoal, which is widely popular all over the United States. It is one of the best hookah charcoal.

Pros and Cons of Using Natural Coconut Charcoal hookah:

Since natural coals are made up of natural ingredients, there are no accelerants allowing them to burn longer. This means you get a longer smoking session with less charcoal and in the long run it helps you save money. Natural ingredients don’t leave any after taste and do not affect the taste of your shisha or tobacco. It produces less ash compared to instant light charcoal.

Cons of Natural charcoal are that it needs an electric stove to light up and takes at least two to three minutes before it’s ready to use.

Nara Coconut charcoal hookah comes in 1, 5 and 10 kg packs. Enhance your smoking experience; buy a pack today at – Narahookah.com.

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